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  1. My life is miserable at the moment

    Ok, I might as well rename this blog "Tyrfing's Trifling, Tantalizing Terrors", because I really complain on here. I just need a place to vent, and that's what I plan to do. This time, it's (hopefully) not going to be very petty. Here goes.

    For the past couple of months, since March or so, my presumed friends have been teasing me. I'll elaborate in a second on what specifically. I go to a small Catholic school, so I don't exactly have leverage on who my friends are. In my ...
  2. I'm so jealous!

    Ashley told me something really cool today. In a few weeks, his family is going to be vacationing in India. They're going to be flying to Bangalore and then touring several cities in the south. They're also going to be going to one of the parks to see tigers, elephants, and other animals. Ashley's been to India twice before - first when he was ten, when he visited Calcutta (and did a day trip to Bangladesh), and again when he was fourteen, when he visited Delhi and Agra. (Ashley's family travels ...
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  3. Crappypasta: Ash's Coma

    Well, I probably shouldn't take this that seriously considering this is at the Creepypasta Wiki, But I've seen ar real lot of people actually believing this... thing...

    "Have you ever noticed that the pacing, tone, and story development of Pokémon changes after Ash is hit by lightning in the early episodes?"

    No... You can't really comparing the pacing and development of the Pilot episode with the rest of the series... The pilot is doing what he should do: set ...

    Updated 7th May 2015 at 12:57 PM by AleksMTE

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  4. More nendoroids!

    On my previous blog I talked about getting my Onodera nendoroid (shoutout to #TeamOnodera ) and how I am in a spiral of collecting them since. Well...

    - I used up my Amazon gift card to purchase a nendoroid of Haruhi (my favorite anime). There were some mishaps with the shipment and the box arrived with some scuffs :/ I requested the seller to replace the item but since it was their last item in stock they paid me back ...
  5. Well... this is interesting

    Anyone here like to cook exotic foods?

    To put it simply, I am (or at least was) a picky eater. I'm classified as a super-taster, meaning my sense of taste is quite powerful. So powerful that I can actually and accurately determine how long something has been hanging around (aka: freshness), and to the point that some foods (namely bitter foods and fish) are so powerful that I can't stand to swallow them.

    In any case, moving on to the point at hand, despite my picky ...
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