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Grease Is the Word!

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A couple of hours ago, I got home from the premiere of Red Lion Area High School's production of Grease, in which I play Eugene. It was the coolest thing EVER. I apologize for not blogging about this before, but I've been terribly busy.

Let me start at the beginning. My first experience with Red Lion's musical program was as an audience member at the premiere of their production of Little Shop of Horrors in 2010. I had attended to see my very best friend, who was part of the ensemble, but as the show went along, I found myself appreciating the rest of it as well—it was very good, especially considering it was a high school production.

My next experience was at either their third or fourth showing of Les Misérables last year. It blew me away completely—fantastic music, fantastic staging, a fantastic cast, the whole shebang. I found myself liking the girl who played Eponine the most, and decided that she would be one of the first people I'd approach for a spot in my band. It was after this that I made up my mind—I wanted to be a part of this. So that best friend I mentioned before signed me up for the next show's auditions.

I have auditioned for a few things in the past, but this is the first time I've ever been cast. I consider myself incredibly lucky—102 people auditioned, 78 got cast, 25 made callbacks, and 17 (myself included) got lead roles. I had originally hoped to land the part of the Teen Angel so I could show off my voice, but I'm happy with the role I got, which allows me to show off my rarely-used but oft-praised acting ability.

I've made a lot of new friends through this experience, including that girl who played Eponine before (she's playing Rizzo this year). We rehearsed for two months, and just premiered the show tonight. It was a smash hit! Afterward, I shook more hands and got more hugs than I ever have in a single evening, and even got to sign a few autographs! It was a really great feeling. We'll be doing three more performances, and then we get a post-production party (try saying that five times fast). My only regret is that, as a high school senior, I won't be able to audition for Red Lion again. On the plus side, I may finally have gotten myself noticed in the entertainment world, so who knows? Perhaps this will launch my career after all. Only time will tell.

The show is getting a DVD release in the near future—I'm willing to bet it'll end up on YouTube eventually. So, keep an eye out!

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