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Current Project: RuneScape/Spore Fanfiction

Contains all information regarding my upcoming works The Free Realms of RuneScape, Spore: Rendax and the Azomyc Legend, and Rendax: The War Lord of RuneScape.

  1. New Fanfiction Project: "The Crossing Saga"

    In addition to my film Heart of Gold: The Kris/Soul Story (currently in pre-production), I have decided to write some fanfiction about other franchises, starting with Spore in a trilogy I call the Crossing Saga.

    Spore: Rendax and the Azomyc Legend chronicles the triumphs and failures of Emperors Anshin, Braytor and Teisatsu of the planet Azomyr as they journey across the galaxy in an effort to free their false god, Rendax, from the ruthless clutches of fanatical Spodists. But even if ...