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  1. Ask me anything!~ *Answers*

    So, now I'm going to answer the questions you sent to me. Thank u all! ^__^

    1.Do you have stashed jodium pill yet?
    Tehehee, this question made me laugh hard! XD Nope, and I'm not gonna get one. Although Finns were pretty crazy about them when they heard what happened in Japan. So stupid! We live almost in the other side of the Earth :,D

    2.Do you own black/white yet?
    Yes yes, got it about month ago, and I love it! It's simply amazing. Music is so catchy, ...
  2. Ask me anything!~

    I'm gonna start my Bulbagarden blog with this "Ask me anything" thingy~
    Hope I will get many interesting questions : D

    See y'all!