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  1. If I wanted to catch all the Pokemon

    If I wanted to start my games again, which Pokemon would still be unobtainable.

    My games are, firered, Emerald, Diamond and XD Gale of Darkness.

    So with those 4, which Pokemon would I not be able to obtain?

    I ask, because im thinking about starting them again, and trying to catch every pokemon i can.
  2. Listened to advice and got permision, so here it the apology

    Firstly, I asked Chaos and Nekusagi what to do to end the current fighting, and they both suggested a sincere apology thread.

    Secondly, I asked Tina's permision first and she agreed it would be a good idea to post this.

    Basically, there has been some disagreements lately, and I am sorry for whatver part I played in them.

    The people I'm aiming this apology mostly at is

    :Yoshi San
    :Evkl ...
  3. Your thoughts, opinions and advive. DCM not allowed

    Notice:Yes dcm your comments will be deleted.

    2nd Notice:Nekusagi if you post constructively I have no problem.

    Basically, what I want to know is, what is a guy supposed to do around here if they are sorry.

    so i got into a political argument yesterday, in which some were upset, and i said sorry, not everyone forgave me.

    aslo, surely if people put spam messages I am allowed to delete them. thats what the button is there for right?
  4. I'm gonna be an uncle!!!

    So we were enjoying the first week of our 2 week holiday. The first week was in Disneyland Paris. Everything was great, the girls were amazing.

    Until Thursday night, when my older brother Frazer (18) took my parents aside, and was speaking to them quietly, after having just received a text.

    It was then revealed at breakfast the next morning, that his GF Lauren who he's known since they were both 11, was pregnant, and he is the father.

    So I'm going to ...
  5. last post before holiday

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