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Because sometimes I need to rant.

Well it's that time of year again.

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I suppose I ought not to say again, this is the first bulbaversary blog I've ever done.

So here are the people I want to give a special mention to for these last three years
@Aestivate; you're so much fun to hang around even when you have a million papers. we've had some tense moments at times but I'm glad I met you
@Blazaking EX; you're the first person I met on the forums and I'm glad we keep in touch -- you're a fun guy to talk to you and you're extremely talented
@Covet; You were a big help to me when I first joined the staff. Although you're no longer staff, you'll always be a friend :)
@Croag; you're lovely to be around. Even if you don't believe it yourself, you're exceedingly intelligent and always nice. ^_^
@garrison-san; You have a lot of diseases. And I can appreciate that.
@Ghost; Even though you're a fair bit bashful, you're very nice and you always have interesting stories.
@Goodbye Blue Monday; You're one of my best friends and even though I know you from irl lol, I'm glad you're here.
@Hallowheart; my math bro! I haven't talked to you in a while, but I hope you're doing well?
@Hellion; ahhh my mafia bro. It's been a long time since we've played or talked, but it's always a pleasure to talk to you :)
@Highway Unicorn; halskdfa;sdlfj summarizes most of our conversations. We talk about feels a lot and, well... I can appreciate that. You're a real bro. *hugs*
@Ino-Chan; Even though I only talked to you for like a month, you're a lot of fun, even if you do hate Applejack.
@Insanish Danish; Danaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Omg we have had so many feels. I just. I just. you're definitely one of my best friends and I just. you're awesome. :3
@Iteru; my rules bro! We've had some fun chats, and you're the one who got me into the anime. So... *brofist*
@jda95; sparkles. that is all.
@Joshawott; you have saved my bacon on many occasions when I've had to go off on whatever cropped up. thanks for that. :3
@Karamazov; I really hadn't talked to you at all before this month but we've become fast friends. :P
@Meron; You're fantastic! Although I don't know about your spn feels, your drawings make me have feels for them xD So good job.
@Mintaka; Oh man can you believe we've been talking for a year and a half now -- started with bulba mafia and now we're both super mods. You're a great friend and I'm glad we started talking.
@Musashi; The best boss I could ask for. Thanks for being there as a friend and as a mentor. :D
@Netto Azure; I've been talking to you for forever, lol. I remember when you made wallposts, if you can. Anyway, thanks for everything.
@nya_chan; CALM YO TITS
@Octy; You're endearingly sweet and you're a lot of fun to talk feels with :3 I'm glad to have you as a friend.
@Paperhorse; Durant.
@Parmalee; I've also been talking to you forever -- from the rap about me to hosting bulbacast, it's been fun. Thanks for the good times ^_^
@Phoenicks; I doubt you'll see this, but come baaaaaack and play some mafia. You were a bunch of fun to talk to.
@Ryuutakeshi; I wish I could talk to you as much as in olden times, but you've always been a caring and nice person, and a good friend. Thanks :)
@Shining Armor; You used to be a tad annoying, but I've seen you mature into a very nice and caring person -- and someone I enjoy talking to. Stay strong, my man.
@The Puppetmaster; We need to talk more -- back when we first became mods we had some very great chats and I miss that. Send me a message whenever you want :P
@yourlilemogirl; my new miniiiiooooon. do good work.

So thanks to all of you and I look forward to a new year :D

PS: Also, to HiPS: Go back to HiPS. I can't tag you worth shit right now. Similarly, you're a bro. Keep on broing. :D

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  1. winstein's Avatar
    Hey there, happy Leather Anniversary!

    Thanks for reading.
  2. jda95's Avatar
  3. Kavidun's Avatar
    A tad annoying? >.<
  4. garrison-san's Avatar
    Aww, thank you. I can appreciate a man who appreciates diseases.
  5. Blazaking's Avatar
    Haha, we've both come a long way since we sent each other those first few VMs. xD Thanks for the nice words man.

    Happy Bulbaversary!
  6. Joshawott's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!

    And no problem, that's what I'm here for (actually I'm just here for the booze and the girls....wait, I haven't been getting any of that have I? *pouts* xD).
  7. Oswin's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary Hurristat! 3 years, huh? You're getting old.

  8. Karamazov's Avatar

    @Paperhorse; Durant.
    Best part.
  9. Parma's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary [though i am late to the party]!

    Man, you're never gonna forget that, aren't ya? :P
  10. hurristat's Avatar
    @Rahatahanecktie; Your name is too difficult to spell anyway @nya_chan; you're right, my tits are rarely calmed @Paperhorse; No, I can say more -- I just chose to mess with you instead :P (you're a lovely person and friend, and it's a lot of fun talking with you, especially when you get animated about stuff xD) @Netto Azure; DAWWWW SENTIMENTALITY @SaixBanana; aHeh! @Zenax; oh hai -- forgot about you bro. you're cool too. @Hallowheart; ahahaha I don't expect you to be taking math all the time. xD Maybe then. @Soulmaster; Um. I'm done with mafia for the time being. @Aestivate; it was alphabetical. @$aturn¥oshi; Sorry!, I haven't really interacted with you much XD You're a nice guy :P @Goodbye Blue Monday; I suppose you could. @Croag; Awww... thanks! @winstein; uhhh... leather? O_o @jda95; it's okay. I love me too. @Shining Armor; that was far in the past now. Don't worry about it ^_^ @garrison-san; And I can appreciate someone who appreciates someone who... okay that's enough. @Hellion; I see those deleted comments. You cannot hide them from me. @Joshawott; You picked the wrong section head if you wanted booze and girls XD I am horrible with both. xD @PkmnGreen; GET OFF MY LAWN andohmygodIforgottotalkaboutyouwillyoueverforgivemeyouaredoingalovelyjobtoo :3 @Karamazov; Paperhorse was less than enthralled by that bit. @Parmalee; never.
    Updated 1st May 2012 at 09:21 AM by hurristat
  11. Kyumorph's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary hurristat! :P
  12. Kavidun's Avatar
    @hurristat - of course, I was only 10 when I joined, I was bound to be annoying and immature.

    Anyway, thanks for being a good friend, and happy Bulbaversary!
  13. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    No mention for me? :<
  14. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Happy third bulbaversary!
  15. hurristat's Avatar
    @Kyumorph; oh man I haven't seen you in forever. how's it hangin', bro? @Shining Armor; that's why I said you've matured a lot XD @Jabberwocky; I haven't really interacted with you much. But from what I've seen, you're a nice guy :P @Oblivion; you're not on my friends list so I forgot to mention you xD But you're a bunch of fun to hang out with, even if you have the tendency to rant.

    here's to another year *raises glass*
  16. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    @Jabberwocky; I haven't really interacted with you much. But from what I've seen, you're a nice guy :P
    Damn straight.
  17. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky
    Damn straight.
  18. Misato Katsuragi's Avatar
    Also I forgot to say "Happy Bulbaversy"

    I am silly.
  19. Netto Azure's Avatar
    Yeah, you can say more, but you always get too busy and drop chats like a brick.
  20. Mintaka's Avatar
    Thanks for the message, @hurristat :>
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