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Because sometimes I need to rant.

Well it's that time of year again.

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I suppose I ought not to say again, this is the first bulbaversary blog I've ever done.

So here are the people I want to give a special mention to for these last three years
@Aestivate; you're so much fun to hang around even when you have a million papers. we've had some tense moments at times but I'm glad I met you
@Blazaking EX; you're the first person I met on the forums and I'm glad we keep in touch -- you're a fun guy to talk to you and you're extremely talented
@Covet; You were a big help to me when I first joined the staff. Although you're no longer staff, you'll always be a friend :)
@Croag; you're lovely to be around. Even if you don't believe it yourself, you're exceedingly intelligent and always nice. ^_^
@garrison-san; You have a lot of diseases. And I can appreciate that.
@Ghost; Even though you're a fair bit bashful, you're very nice and you always have interesting stories.
@Goodbye Blue Monday; You're one of my best friends and even though I know you from irl lol, I'm glad you're here.
@Hallowheart; my math bro! I haven't talked to you in a while, but I hope you're doing well?
@Hellion; ahhh my mafia bro. It's been a long time since we've played or talked, but it's always a pleasure to talk to you :)
@Highway Unicorn; halskdfa;sdlfj summarizes most of our conversations. We talk about feels a lot and, well... I can appreciate that. You're a real bro. *hugs*
@Ino-Chan; Even though I only talked to you for like a month, you're a lot of fun, even if you do hate Applejack.
@Insanish Danish; Danaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Omg we have had so many feels. I just. I just. you're definitely one of my best friends and I just. you're awesome. :3
@Iteru; my rules bro! We've had some fun chats, and you're the one who got me into the anime. So... *brofist*
@jda95; sparkles. that is all.
@Joshawott; you have saved my bacon on many occasions when I've had to go off on whatever cropped up. thanks for that. :3
@Karamazov; I really hadn't talked to you at all before this month but we've become fast friends. :P
@Meron; You're fantastic! Although I don't know about your spn feels, your drawings make me have feels for them xD So good job.
@Mintaka; Oh man can you believe we've been talking for a year and a half now -- started with bulba mafia and now we're both super mods. You're a great friend and I'm glad we started talking.
@Musashi; The best boss I could ask for. Thanks for being there as a friend and as a mentor. :D
@Netto Azure; I've been talking to you for forever, lol. I remember when you made wallposts, if you can. Anyway, thanks for everything.
@nya_chan; CALM YO TITS
@Octy; You're endearingly sweet and you're a lot of fun to talk feels with :3 I'm glad to have you as a friend.
@Paperhorse; Durant.
@Parmalee; I've also been talking to you forever -- from the rap about me to hosting bulbacast, it's been fun. Thanks for the good times ^_^
@Phoenicks; I doubt you'll see this, but come baaaaaack and play some mafia. You were a bunch of fun to talk to.
@Ryuutakeshi; I wish I could talk to you as much as in olden times, but you've always been a caring and nice person, and a good friend. Thanks :)
@Shining Armor; You used to be a tad annoying, but I've seen you mature into a very nice and caring person -- and someone I enjoy talking to. Stay strong, my man.
@The Puppetmaster; We need to talk more -- back when we first became mods we had some very great chats and I miss that. Send me a message whenever you want :P
@yourlilemogirl; my new miniiiiooooon. do good work.

So thanks to all of you and I look forward to a new year :D

PS: Also, to HiPS: Go back to HiPS. I can't tag you worth shit right now. Similarly, you're a bro. Keep on broing. :D

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  1. Zidar Ravencrypt's Avatar
    Aww, thank you. :)

    and the Durant comment killed me. XD
  2. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    Do good work? ok, i'll sign up to the next convent i find boss :D

  3. nya_chan's Avatar
    Calm YOUR tits.
  4. Insanish Danish's Avatar
    :'3 You are too freaking sweet and so much fun to talk about feels with (THIS DAY ARIA ASSADFJLKSDJLK) and you are totally one of my bffs and ilu <3
  5. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    I'll go back to HiPS if and when I damn feel like it :P
  6. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversery.
  7. hurristat's Avatar
    @Octy; not as much as it'll kill Paperhores @yourlilemogirl; get out your habit!! @nya_chan; my tits ARE calmed @Insanish Danish; I don't know how to respond other than ilu bff a;sldkfja;sdflkj <3
    @Rathanhaké:ton; Nope, you're going back now, bro.
  8. SaixBanana's Avatar
    gibberishTM orphan
  9. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    haha you spelled it wrong noob :P
  10. nya_chan's Avatar
    I doubt that.
  11. Paperhorse's Avatar
    That's the only thing you can say about me? D:

    Happy Bulbaversary!
  12. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
    :) Hopefully when summer comes around, more time for distractions. xD

    Happy Bulbaversary~
  13. Netto Azure's Avatar
    Aww this is so touching. :>

    Then again it's a mutual thing lol. And as I said in chat I'm too lazy for TL;DR posts nowadays unless I really get riled up. xD
  14. Zenax's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary hurri!
  15. ChinYao's Avatar
    @hurristat; just dandy =3 but your math sis ain't taking math this quarter ^^; but no worries, maybe she'll beg you for help this summer.
  16. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!
    You need to come back to TWR soon. Like I told people Drumbeats is doing a meme mafia so try to make it for that one at least. and I have never played with you so yeah come on back
  17. Aestivate's Avatar
    is anyone else jealous because you better be 0o0o0o0o0o0o
  18. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
  19. Misato Katsuragi's Avatar
    Awww David, thanks! :)
    even though I could probably just call you or tell you this on skype lol
  20. Froakie's Avatar
    Thank you David, that means a lot. ^^' Happy Bulbaversary!
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