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Because sometimes I need to rant.

Parts 1 and 2 (READ THIS FIRST)

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by , 13th May 2011 at 11:55 PM (235 Views)
So, at the request of a couple of mods (who, more importantly, also happen to be friends), I decided to post some scenes from plays.

First, the history: I was just chilling in the Conversational Chat Realm Thread, and I decided that the best way to describe what my thoughts were was through a short scene from a play. (See below).

The denizens then immediately loved it, and Mintaka demanded another one upon (an obviously joking) threat of infraction.

Command performance, eh? No problem. That became the second play. (also see below).

So here they are. Any future scenes I write will not form any coherent structure of plot -- it'll be just whatever the hell I feel like writing about.

And without further ado:


Scene 1:

SCENE: The internet
TIME: A few days ago

The two new mods are talking to each other about their new powers.

Mintaka: Man, I really like this ban button. Like, see this asshole here. Poof! Gone.
Hallow: I like the close thread and move thread buttons. Look at this dumbass. Stupid thread, wrong sub-forum to boot! Closed, moved, done!
Awkward pause.
Mintaka: I suppose we probably ought to split up the powers, eh?
Hallow: [Sadly, with a sigh]: Probably.
Mintaka: [Speaking quite rapidly]: Okay, I'll take the War Room and Outside the Box have fun bye.
Mintaka runs off stage.
Hallow: [Silence, then in shock]: ... what?


Scene 2:

A busy city. The sound of cars and the rattling of the light rail train tracks above.

Closer: a dark alley. hurristat, a tall man, of average mass, not well-built but not lanky or fat either, is walking down it.

Mintaka steps out of the shadows holding a small pistol. She cocks it, and holds it up to hurristat.

Mintaka: Make me laugh.
hurristat: [in fear] Uh... uh... to get to the other side?

Mintaka shoots hurristat in the foot

Mintaka: Three points. Not funny enough.
hurristat: [clutching his foot] Knock knock
Mintaka: Who's there?
hurristat: Uh...

Mintaka shoots hurristat in the foot again.

Mintaka: Three more points. Not doing so well buddy.
hurristat: Your mom's so fat that her patronus is a cake.
Mintaka: Insulting, not funny.


Mintaka: Last chance, you're almost banned.
hurristat: I'm not going to bother, because you won't like the joke.

Mintaka bends over laughing, and begins to cry and roll on the ground from laughter. hurristat is looking on bewildered.

Slowly, the lights brighten.

Rayne: CUT, CUT, CUT. This is supposed to be a dark action movie, with a beleaguered, conflicted hero, not some slapstick comedy movie where some innocent bystander gets hurt just for shits and giggles! Get a hold of yourselves, seriously! Okay, let's try this again.

hurristat is seen picking up rubber bullets from the spring-based gun off the floor, and hands them to Mintaka.

The lights dim.

Rayne: And.... action!

Mintaka emerges from the shadows.

Mintaka: [Insane voice] Do you want to know how I got these scars?



Hope you enjoyed them. Any serious thing I write will be posted in the Writer's Workshop, and I shall continue to update this. Until next time.

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  1. Mintaka's Avatar
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    Love both of them. (Yay, I appear in both!)
  2. ChinYao's Avatar
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    • permalink
    =D yaayayayay! You are now our playwright slave, forever.
  3. hurristat's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    >_> As long as I can write short stories and non-fiction as well, I'll be fine. :P
  4. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
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    lol thats funny. Please continue
  5. hurristat's Avatar
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    I will.


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