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Because sometimes I need to rant.

The title should be fairly self-explanatory. A place for me to yell at whatever I want to yell at. And because my opinion matters, and yours doesn't.

  1. In which I'm two months late.

    by , 15th August 2011 at 03:56 PM (Because sometimes I need to rant.)
    Oh that's right.

    My name's in italics.

    It happened a long time ago.

  2. I'm stealing this from Mintaka (quotes from around the fora)

    So here are quotes from people around the fora:


    [23:20] hurristat: btw fruit flies taste like shit
    [23:20] Parmalee: and i needed to know that...
    [23:20] hurristat: one flew in my mouth without my noticing
    [23:20] hurristat: and I was singing along...
    [23:20] hurristat: D:
    [23:20] hurristat: fortunately I had water on hand
    [23:21] Parmalee: sounded harrowing
    [23:21] hurristat: yeah, a real story
    [23:21] hurristat: ...

    Updated 15th August 2011 at 09:54 PM by hurristat

  3. Restricted return

    As I said in my previous blog, it looks like my presence here will be restricted. But fortunately, the situation has changed a little bit:

    My family had purchased a new laptop for me for university (before the problems started with , and my father is now letting me use that when he's not working on it.

    So I won't be on during most late nights for a little bit, and my presence during the day will also probably be reduced.

    So I'd say I'm 50% back. I know it was ...
  4. Indefinite hiatus

    I'm sadly going to have to go on indefinite hiatus.

    This is the fault of none of you, and I want You guys to know that you guys are all awesome.

    My computer has recently started acting up, and I cant view anything on it let alone use the Internet. I'm posting this from my iPod.

    My dad would usually fix these things, but his life is so hectic right now that its best just to let this problem wait until things calm down.

    I'll post occasionally ...
  5. Part III (A Welcome to the New Mods)

    FYI, I love all of the forums on here. This is an obvious parody. Also, welcome and congratulations to the new mods!


    In the concrete jungle of Brisbane, Australia, five people with black umbrellas converge on a street corner with a café. The rain is pounding, falling in sheets.

    The first face visible is Iteru's. He has short brown hair, light complexion, and piercing green eyes. Wearing a light blue zip-up sweatshirt,
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