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Because sometimes I need to rant.

Indefinite hiatus

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I'm sadly going to have to go on indefinite hiatus.

This is the fault of none of you, and I want You guys to know that you guys are all awesome.

My computer has recently started acting up, and I cant view anything on it let alone use the Internet. I'm posting this from my iPod.

My dad would usually fix these things, but his life is so hectic right now that its best just to let this problem wait until things calm down.

I'll post occasionally in the chat thread, so if you want to talk to me and you see that I'm active there, Please stop by to chat. I'd love to talk.

This hiatus may span any length from a couple weeks to three months.

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  1. Iteru's Avatar
    Aww, I'm gonna miss you :/ Especially the Dent chats :(
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    That sucks man, we'll miss you. Computers suck.
  3. Mintaka's Avatar
    We'll miss you in the chat thread and the mafia games. :(

    Hope the problem gets fixed soon. ^0^
  4. J J M's Avatar
    Hope it gets fixed. I went through the same thing for a couple of weeks as well so I understand what you're going through. :(
  5. Parma's Avatar

    Hope everything gets fixed for you.
  6. evkl's Avatar
    Good luck. Take care--don't let the world end on you tomorrow.
  7. Karamazov's Avatar
    If you stay away too long, we'll come and bring you back, okay?
  8. Phoenicks's Avatar
    What they all said -- and above all, good luck.
  9. mini-chan's Avatar
    That suck...

    We'll miss you in the chat thread ;U;
  10. Discover's Avatar
    I hope it gets taken care of, because I'll miss you. We didn't talk much, but I still consider you a friend.

    Come back soon!


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