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  1. Seriously....what the hell is going on?

    Now Billy Mays is dead. 4 celebrities in ONE month is unbelievable. MJ's death shook the world, and my sister tear glands. I felt shocked and everything, but now BILLY MAYS gets killed and I no longer take celeb death seriously. This is fucked up beyond belief. Is june gonna be remembered as the month of death?
  2. I am so tired of shit like this (Transformers 2)

    Ok...at this point, its pretty much improper to rant about something due to a tragic death. But god dammit..


    So the reviews are in and apparently some cranky moron is bashing critics for (gasp not LIKING the movie! The person who wrote the article regarded them as traditional killjoys who spew vitriol about the movie. But what gets me is his piss poor cop out retort:

    " ...
  3. What is it about the pokemon cartoon that causes people to be so damn moronic?

    This from a previous forum not related to bulbagarden. Obviously..

    Ok, so I post my thoughts about the recent 132 episode regarding Ash's demise (6-2 good lord). I say that despite my lack of taste in Ash's character, im overall disturbed at how badly this went. Apparently however, when I say that 6-2 was on the steep side and state that its more than likely bad writing, I am bombarded with several thousand explanations as to why this has occurred. Its a good set up as to how the ...

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