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Pick Up Your Trash, Kid.

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Yesterday, my soccer team and I were at a beach club after practice and we were playing soccer on the vollyball courts (in the sand). There was this kid and his friends with a cup that was filled with sand and they were throwing it up in the air.(?) Any ways, they were on the same court as us and they left without us telling them to. After they stoped playing with the cup, they left it on the floor. Then, one of my teammates was joking around saying, "Hey, kid pick up your trash!"(sarcastically, of corse) Appearentlly, there mom was there and heard everything that was going one and ran up to my teammate and said, "YOU NEVER TALK TO MY KIDS LIKE THAT! WE ARE HERE TO ENJOY OUR TIME AT THE BEACH! wE KNOW WE NEED TO PICK UP OUR TRASH! DO YOU OWN THE BEACH?" And it went on like that for a minute or two. Then the lady said, "MY KIDS WERE ON THIS FUCKING COURT BEFORE YOU WERE." (why would you cuss at a kid?) Then, me and my friend just left after that because we knew that we would get dragged into it. Then one of our parents came to calme every thing down and everything was back to normal. I think the lady was over reacting, because she's mad because my teammate told her sons that littering was bad. (wow, crazy night)

The only thing I got mad at that night was that when I tried to conmit marshmellow arsine, it would work! I usually do burn my marshmellows, but they turned out to be perfect! I hate perfect marshmellows!

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  1. Zynetic's Avatar
    It's called parents that believe their children can do no wrong.
    You find them everywhere. It's ridiculous.

    And are Marshmellows nice?
  2. new mew's Avatar
    Nope, marshmellows are pure evil.
  3. The Outrage's Avatar
    What does that have to do with picking up the garbage >_>
  4. new mew's Avatar
    Nothing, she just likes complaining. I actually know her. She was a sub at my school for one day.


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