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Sorry for my extremly long absent breack. I just switched to a new school and alots happened. In no particular order:
-Im now a band geek. I fact my school was the only middle school in the hollywood christmas parade.
-my hairs no longer pink.

And finally a big shocker

-I had a boyfriend. His name was Daniel and he lived in boston for awhile and he came back. He was fugly as shit but yet i liked him. People warned me not to be with him, but i was stubborn and got my heart broken.

Well i catch up with you guys after the hoolydays. I am still extremly sorry for me being gone for this long.

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  1. Blazevoir's Avatar
    Daniel? Lived in Boston? Fugly as shit?

    Nah. I'm probably thinking of the wrong person...
  2. Dan's Avatar
    Wait, my names Daniel...
    I live in Boston...
    but I'm sexy so it's not me
  3. new mew's Avatar
    But still sounds extremly alike... doesnt it, DANIEL PALL ZSOLT ORGOVANYE!
  4. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Who are you?


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