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  1. Pokemon nickname index WIP

    Venusaur = Root
    Charizard = Soul
    Blastoise = Leonardo
    Butterfree = Happy
    Beedrill = Sting
    Pidgeot = Zeffer
    Raticate = Cheese
    Fearow = Mohawk
    Arbok = Cleo
    Richu = Static
    Sandslash = Grain
    Nidoqueen = Pins
    Nidoking = Needles
    Clefable = Luna
    Ninetales = Kirara
    Wigglytuff = Puff

    Updated 30th October 2009 at 11:09 AM by Random Chaos

  2. Fall smell

    Your Autumn Sense is Smell

    You are a very sensitive, in tune person, and you have a good memory. You notice all the little smells associated with fall.
    Of course you love favorite smells like pumpkin pie cooking or a fire burning, but your nose is much more sensitive than that.

    You also notice the smell of fall leaves, the scent of a favorite sweater, and the aroma of fresh apples. ...