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Blog Rules

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Update: Do not report blogs.

Yes, we have them:

1.) General forum rules still apply. No posting of where to obtain/ask for ROMS, emulators or links to illegal downloads/streams. No discussing these either.
1a.) A minimum of 10 posts are required to post a blog.
1b.) Any topic open for discussion on the forums is allowed in blogs. Even "controversial" topics concerning race issues, sexual orientation, religion, etc.
1c.) Discussing politics is BANNED in the blog section. The staff asks that those topics be kept in the Campaign Bus.

2.) Spam. Let's keep some variety on the blog index. 2 blogs of differing topics in a row are fine. If you have a lot to blog about in a day, save them as drafts for later or set them to post at a later time. That way, other users can have their blogs on the main index as well.
2a.) Posting more than one blog a day is fine, just don't take up a whole blog index page.
2b.) No spamming of blogs with several comments one after another by the same user. Also, don't constantly post a comment only to delete it shortly after.
2c.) Blogs should have coherent and readable content. No posting single words or phrases continuously or posting of the same image over and over.

3.) Advertising is okay in the blogs. You are allowed to advertise your videos, fanfics or even for other forums.
3a.) If your sole purpose on these forums is to advertise in blogs without contributing to the forums proper, that is disallowed.
3b.) Contributing does not include posts related to said blog entries.
3c.) Contributing does not include the posts simply to gain permission to blog and nothing else.

4.) Fan Fiction, game trades, wants and offers are allowed in the blogs. However, you are also encouraged to post this content in the Fiction Fairground and the Global Trade Station.

5.) Large images must be spoiler tagged. If it stretches the blog boarders, spoiler it. If it fills up most of your screen, spoiler it. If you aren't sure, spoiler it. The same applies to multiple (5 or more) medium to large size images.
5a.) As a suggestion, if you have very huge pics, or several large pics to post, it may be more considerate to simply post the links to the images. That way, users with slower connections can view the blog. Another method is to wrap the large image(s) in [sigimgh][/sigimgh] tags to resize them.
5b.) Blogs are allowed to have up to 20 images each. In addition, 1 video per blog or comment.
5c.) The character limit per blog post is 32,000.

6.) Don't post in month-old blogs debating the anime. If you want to start a new discussion or revive an old one, you can make a new blog to do so.

7.) The Blog Mods are as follows: $aturn¥oshi, DCM, ScarletSky, and Peter Quill, and headed by Karamazov.

Questions and concerns can be directed here.

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Updated 22nd December 2014 at 11:17 AM by Karamazov



  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Rules are for chumps.
  2. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Quiet, you.


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