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  1. My class assingment

    Well for one of my classes, i had to write a story when i thought i may have been a jerk to someone. My story takes place a few months ago when i was interning over the summer. On a wonderful friday getting up at 5am to start the wonderful workday i get into work and clock in at 6. my day goes good until someone over in Aluminum casting misallings one of the dies and there is suddenly 4 tons of molten aluminum on the plant floor. after it cools down, we all have to scrape and chip the metal off ...
  2. Unbelievable...

    Here's a story that sure got me moody when I first heard it:

    So apparently, back in 2003, both Hayao Miyazaki and Joe Hisaishi had approved of Disney's idea to have "Castle in the Sky" be given a new soundtrack. Mind you, the original soundtrack was on synthesizers, and the rescore was going to be fully orchestrated.

    But guess what? Anime purists wouldn't have it.

    Yeah, even despite the fact that Miyazaki (who is usually a stickler for having ...

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