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Through The Looking-Glass

Your Questions, Answered

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Karamazov asks:

"Who would win in a fight, Looker's Croagunk or a Dalek?"

Well, Kara, that's not exactly an even fight. A Dalek would overpower almost any Pokemon pretty easily.

PkmnGreen asks:

"Why are the pictures to the right broken?"

Oh, good, so it isn't just me. It's a problem I'm going to fix very soon.

Ebail asks:

"What's your favorite food?"

That would be pizza.

From Shiny Celebi, we have:

"What would you do if you won the lottery right now?"

Hmmm, I'd probably bribe my way onto the set of Doctor Who.'

A few questions from Mitsuru:

"Given that "no living thing can remember", who would win, a Dalek or the Silence?"

Probably the Dalek since they wouldn't look away, but we haven't exactly seen the extent of the Silence's power.

"Similarly, who would win between a Cyberman (Cybus and/or original) and the Silence?"

Probably the Silence this time, especially if the Silence came packing gold.

"Favorite Whoniverse antagonist?"

The Master is fantastic. John Simms' version in particular.

"Thoughts on S7? On 'The Question"?"

Series 7 looks great so far, and I am eagerly awaiting that Dalek episode they've been teasing for the last few weeks. However, I'm not a fan of what the Question ended up being. It's far too simple.

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