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Through The Looking-Glass

The Takara Region - 4

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(I'll be updating this more frequently from now on)

(#43-45 spots are taken by the Gastly line)

#46 Grelectric

Volt Pokemon


Ability: Lightningrod/Light Metal

(Name derived from "Grey" and "electric")

(Based upon "Grey" aliens)

No one knows where Grelectric came from, but all over Takara in rustling patches of grass, they can be found. Some say they are invaders from another world, but nobody is certain.

#47 Doowyrm

Doom Worm Pokemon


Ability: Hustle/Rivalry

(Name derived from "doom" and "wyrm," an archaic term for a serpentine dragon)

(Based upon the Mongolian Death Worm)

Doowyrm are secretive creatures, and it is very rare to see one alive. Doowyrm teeth, believed to be a fantastic curative, fetch high prices on the black market.

(#48-49 are taken by Remoraid and Octillery)

#50 Squideep

Kraken Pokemon


(Evolves from Octillery upon exposure to a Giga Stone)

(Name derived from "squid" and "deep")

(Based upon a giant squid)

Squideep live in deepsea trenches, where they hunt small, blind Water-type Pokemon. They sometimes become bothered by ships on the surface, and have been known to destroy them in their fury.

# 51 Freezrburn

Dual Pokemon


Ability: Flame Body/Ice Body

(Name derived from the term "freezerburn")

(Based on the concept of fire and ice being opposites)

Freezrburn are beings that live on condradiction. One minute, they may attack with a Fire-type move; the next, with an Ice-type move.

#52 Basilisand

Basilisk Pokemon


Ability: Filter/Justified

(Name derived from the words "basilisk" and "sand")

(Based upon the legendary basilisk)

Basilisand live in burrows deep underground. At night, they emerge to hunt their prey, striking with a venomous bite so potent it can down a Tauros in thirty seconds.

#53 Fisherwing

Kingfisher Pokemon


Ability: Swift Swim/Moody

(Name derived from "fisher" and "wing")

(Based upon the type of bird known as a kingfisher)

Fisherwing prey upon fish Pokemon. Upon spotting one, it will dive into the water and spear its prey with its long sharp beak, then resurface. It does all this in under five seconds.

(#54-55 taken by Chimecho line)

#56 Tentakanji

Jellyfish Pokemon


(Evolves into Tentacool with happiness while Surfing)

(Name derived from the words "tentacle" and "Irukandji," a species of box jellyfish)

(Based upon a box jellyfish or sea wasp)

Although it seems that Tentakanji simply drift along aimlessly, they can actually swim and in fact have a working brain.

(#57 and 58 taken by Tentas Cool and Cruel)

(#59 taken by Pachirisu)

#60 Goutlet

Gopher Pokemon


(Evolves from Pachirisu when traded while holding a Grounder)

(Name derived from "gopher" and "outlet")

(Based upon a gopher)

Goutlet are always grounded, so electricity courses through them at all times. How they survive this massive amount of voltage is a mystery.

(#61 and 62 taken by Bonsly and Sudowoodo)

#63 Falseroot

Fake Tree Pokemon


(Evolves from Sudowoodo upon exposure to a Giga Stone)

(Name derived from "false" and "root")

(Based upon a tree)

Falseroot's massive, stony body is covered by lichens and mosses, making it seem as if it has foliage.

Next Time: Crashorite through Frostman

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The Takara Region


  1. Space Opera's Avatar
    Have you thought about making sprites for these Pokémon? I'd look to see how they look.
  2. Mako's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Claude Rains
    Have you thought about making sprites for these Pokémon? I'd look to see how they look.
    I've got some drawings of them, but I've no scanner; I'm a terrible spriter to boot.


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