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Through The Looking-Glass

The Takara Region - 3

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(#31 spot taken by Chatot)

#32 Macawti

Synchopation Pokemon


Ability: Keen Eye/Tangled Feet

(name derived from the macaw bird and the musical note "ti.")

(Based on a macaw)

(evolves from Chatot by being traded while holding the Strange Baton)

Macawti are highly curious, and will thoroughly investigate anything that piques their interest. They often lead flocks of Chatot.

#33 Wispus

Will o' The Wisp Pokemon


Ability: Flame Body/Levitate

(Name derived from the "will o' the wisp," a traditional ghost tale)

(Based on the will o' the wisp)

Wispus haunt the remains of houses that have burned down. It is said that they are the spirits of people who died in fires set by arsonists, seeking vengeance on their killers.

#34 Wilopus

Flame Pokemon


Ability: Flame Body/Levitate

(evolves from Wispus at lv. 28)

Wilopus are malicious spirits that take delight in making the temperature in a room extremely high. They have been known to get carried away and burn down whole buildings.

#35 Decibolt

Amp Pokemon


Ability: Soundproof

(Name derived from the words "decibel" and "bolt")

(Based on various forms of amps and speakers used in live musical events)

Decibolt are Pokemon favored by rock musicians, due to their ability to function as living amps. They can create sounds louder than a launching rocket, and can shatter the windows of a full city block with just one shout.

#36 Ventish

Vent Fish Pokemon


Ability: Damp/Heatproof

(name derived from the words "vent" and "fish")

(based on the vent fish, a species of deep-sea fish that dwells around volcanic vents on the ocean floor)

Ventish live deep in the sea, near vents that spew superheated, toxic gases and smoke. This lifestyle has made the skin of Ventish very tough and durable, as well as making it immune to many kinds of poisons.

#37 Wevil

Weevil Pokemon


Ability: Analytic/Infiltrator

(Name derived from the words "weevil" and "evil")

(Based on the boll weevil)

Wevil are sinister-looking bugs that stalk in the night. They wait patiently for their prey to fall asleep, before savagely attacking and draining the victim of fluids through their long proboscis.

#38 Gireevil

Long-Neck Pokemon


Ability: Analytic/Infiltrator

(Name derived from the words "giraffe" and "weevil")

(Based on a giraffe weevil)

(evolves from Wevil at lv. 28)

Gireevil have very long necks, and use them to spy on prey unseen. They can use their necks as weapons in a fight, whipping the enemy with their neck.

(#s 39 and 40 are taken by Diglett and Dugtrio)

#41 Moltet

Quad Mole Pokemon


Ability: Sand Veil/Arena Trap

(Name derived from the words "mole" and "quartet")

(Based on the mole)

(evolves from Dugtrio through the use of a Giga Stone)

Moltet are a group of four. This means they can look in every direction, keeping an eye out for enemies. The tunnels they dig are large enough for a human to explore, and it is believed that ancient humans once used Moltet tunnels as shelter.

#42 Peckary

Beak Pig Pokemon


Ability: Magic Bounce/Sniper

(Name derived from the words "peck" and "peccary")

(Based on a pig, with the beak of a bird)

Peckary are sneaky Pokemon, and often steal food from campsites. When angered, Peckary have been known to use their sharp, birdlike beaks to gore their victims.

NEXT TIME: Grelectric through Falseroot

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