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Through The Looking-Glass

Takara Region 3

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by , 4th January 2011 at 12:06 AM (367 Views)
#21: Heles

Omen Pokemon


Ability: Vital Spirit/Sturdy

(Name is derived from the names "Hel," the Norse goddess of the underworld, and "Hades.")

(Based on various legends of shinigami and the Grim Reaper)

It is said that Heles stalk in the night, hoping to steal away the souls of sleeping people for purposes unknown. The sight of one of these Pokemon once startled a man so badly, he died of fright.

# 22. Breezpore

Spore Pokemon


Ability: Harvest

(Name derived from the words "breeze" and "spore")

(Based on a dandelion floret)

Breezpore float on the wind, trying to find a good place to create new copies of themselves to begin the process over again.

#23. Moldrum

Mold Pokemon


Ability: Water Absorb

(Name derived from the words "mold" and "doldrum")

(Based on a mold)

(Evolves from Breezpore at lv. 12)

Moldrum dislike light and will avoid it at all costs. They love dark, damp places. Here they can multiply in comfort.

#24. Slimold

Mold Pokemon


(Name derived from the words "slime" and "mold")

(Based on a slime mold)

(evolves from Moldrum at lv. 33)

Slimold are solitary Pokemon. They travel across the forest floor silently, stalking their prey, which they kill by smothering them in their gooey tendrils.

#25. Speppic

Pepper Pokemon


Ability: Heatproof/Hydration

(Name derived from the words "spice" and "pepper")

(Based on a chili pepper)

Speppic are amicable Pokemon, and will often help lost travelers. However, they have a fiery temper that erupts at the most inopportune moments.

#26. Sawzark

Saw Pokemon


Ability: Swift Swim/Competitive Spirit

(Name derived from the words "saw" and "shark")

(Based on a sawshark)

Sawzark lie in ambush on the ocean floor, waiting for prey to wander near. When prey approaches, the Sawzark will strike, slashing the prey with its sawlike snout.

#27. Volhare

Lava Hare Pokemon


Ability: Flame Body/Hustle

(Name derived from the words "volcano" and "hare")

(Based on a volcano rabbit)

Volhare live at the feet of volcanoes, where they scurry about, forraging for their favorite Berries to eat. They live in a complex system of underground tunnels.

#28. Jumflame

Lava Hare Pokemon


Ability: Flame Body/Hussle

(Name derived from the words "jump" and "flame")

(Based on a volcano rabbit)

(evolves from Volhare at lv. 24)

Jumflame lead Volhare dens. They are very fast, with one individual once ebing clocked at 57 MPH.

#29. Orceanus

Orca Pokemon


Ability: Soundproof/Swift Swim

(Name derived from the word "orca" and the name "Oceanus" from Greek myth)

(Based on an orca, or "killer whale")

Orceanus hunt in pods, with the oldest leading. they will swarm their prey and tear it into chunks to be divided up amongst the other Orceanus by rank.

#30. Mobisible

Diving Pokemon


Ability: Soundproof/Swift Swim

(Name derived from the name "Moby Dick," a famous sperm whale, and "submersible")

(Based on a sperm whale)

(evolves from Orceanus at lv. 34)

Unlike Orceanus, Mobisible prefer to hunt alone. They will dive down great distances to hunt their favorite prey, Squideep. Their epic battles often leave them with terrible scars.


NEXT TIME: Macawti to Peckary!

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The Takara Region


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