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Jabber Reviews Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Themes - Gravekeeper's

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by , 3rd January 2012 at 01:14 PM (463 Views)
This time on "Jabber Reviews Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Themes," I'll be spotlighting a Deck that's become very popular lately: the Gravekeeper's archetype.


Gravekeeper's cards first showed up in 2004's Pharonic Guardian expansion, and are one of the first archetypes. That they are still popular today speaks volumes of their continued importance in the metagame.

Their Field Spell Card, Necrovalley, is one of the better archetype-supporting Field Spells out there. It not only gives all Gravekeeper's monsters a 500 ATK boost - which, since most Gravekeeper's monsters have 1200-1600 ATK, means that you can easily drop a 1700+ ATK monster on the field with no cost - but also virtually shuts down the Graveyard. What this means is that Zombie Decks, which rely heavily on returning from the Graveyard, are in a bit of a pickle when facing a Gravekeeper's Deck.

All in all, Gravekeeper's rank up with Psychic-types in terms of anti-meta disruption of the opponent's strategies, and can be a tough Deck to beat even starting from the first turn.

Useful Cards

Necrovalley is,essentially, the lifeblood of this Deck. Without it, you have some cards with good effects, but such pathetic ATK that keeping them on the field is going to be a chore. So having Necrovalley out is ideal. Don't have one in your hand? No biggie! Gravekeeper's Commandment has got your back with the power to fetch a Necrovalley from your Deck just by discarding it! Terraforming can also get you the Necrovalley you need, and if it gets destroyed, a card like Z-ONE can get it back for you. But it doesn't need to come to that; Field Barrier can keep your Necrovalley safe.

Need a specific Gravekeeper? Gravekeeper's Recruiter and Gravekeeper's Spy can both get one for you, as can Rite of Spirit and Gravekeeper's Stele. These two cards can be re-used through the effects of An Owl of Luck and A Cat of Ill Omen.

Since Gravekeeper's monsters are all Spellcaster-types, cards that aid Spellcasters, such as Wonder Wand, can be vastly useful in a Deck that uses Gravekeeper's.

While Necrovalley is very useful, it also shuts down your own Graveyard. This can be averted with Gravekeeper's Chief.

Finally, Gravekeeper's Visionary and Gravekeeper's Descendant are big hitters in this Deck. It is highly encouraged that one use them.


Necrovalley is the lifeblood of the Deck. This can cause some problems if it gets destroyed. Field Barrier can help with this, but cards like the newly-unbanned Heavy Storm can bypass this. As such, something like Starlight Road, which negates destruction effects, is very important to have.

Beyond that, I've noticed that Gravekeeper's have a spot of trouble with banishing. Packing Burial From a Different Dimension or something similar is probably a good idea.

Bottom Line

Gravekeeper's monsters are an excellent anti-meta theme, and continue to be popular today. Though I have not used the Deck myself, I have a friend who does, and have faced several. They are an excellent roadblock against Synchro monsters and HEROES, trust me on that.

All in all, I'll give Gravekeeper's monsters an 8.5 out of ten. Their heavy reliance on Necrovalley kills their usefulness somewhat, as you can get stuck without it on the field, and things will go downhill from there.

Next Time: A reader-requested review: the Agents!

Remember, you can always suggest Deck themes for me to review in the comments section.

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