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Through The Looking-Glass

Happy Valentine's Day!

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I've always loved this day, because I love love! Familial love, friendly love, the love of pets, and of course romantic love.

It's been my pleasure to have been, for the past few months, been in a wonderful relationship with the wonderful @FenneKaori;. I will admit that the knowledge that someone has fallen in love with you - you, specifically, on your own merits - is quite frankly one of the most sublime feelings on the planet. It is my honor to be loved by Kaori, just as it is my honor to love her in turn.

Anyway, I've rambled for quite long enough. Happy Valentine's Day, y'all. Take today to appreciate and return the love of those around you, be it friends, family, pets, or a significant other.

Take care.

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    Aww :3
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