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Through The Looking-Glass

The Chronicles - 12

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by , 4th March 2010 at 02:05 PM (244 Views)
Chapter 12: A Ship and Shipwright! The Maraptor Tesoro shoves off!

The crew, riding Zephyr, burst from the collapsing offices. The people below did not notice them. They landed in alley, next to said people: a woman and a little girl, and a group of Marines, one of whom seemed familiar to Jabber.

"Please, I need to know," said the Marine leader, "was your daddy in that building? Your mommy refuses to say."

"Who're those girls?" Turner whispered to Hikari.

"They're the mayor's wife and daughter," replied Hikari.

"I won't tell you!" the girl said to the Marine. "You're gonna take him away!"

"Oh, no, no, no, no," said the Marine. "We're just going to... ask him a few questions."

Jabber's face contorted into a scowl. It's him! he thought. The lying Marine who killed Gharia! He walked out of the alley. One of his arms turned blue and reshaped its hand into a hammer. The Marine noticed him.

"What the--?" was all he could say before Jabber slammed the hammer into the side of his head.


"Here's the former mayor," said Hikari, as she presented him to the Marines after walking out of the alley. "As his replacement, I can sentence him to any punishment I see fit for his crimes - as per one of his own laws," she added with a smirk. "I think that working for two years under the cyborg shipwrights will do nicely."

"That reminds me," said Shank. "Where are the cyborg shipwrights?"

"They'd already left to build your ship when DCM showed up," she said. "They seemed confident that you'd save Zephyr."

"Speaking of your ship, it's finished!" cried a voice behind them. Locutus and Talos had returned. "Come and see it! Come! Come!"

"Let me get my wheelchair first," said Zephyr as his transformation wore off. he was once again human, dripping with sweat - and once again crippled. He nearly collapsed onto the ground, but Hikari caught him just in time.


After Zephyr had gotten his wheelchair, the group went to the westernmost dock, where a large caravel-class ship awaited them.

"It's called the Maraptor Tesoro," said Locutus.

It was a lovely green color, and on its sails and flags were their very own jolly roger.

"We took the liberty of designing it ourselves," said Talos. Do you like it?"

"I LOVE IT!" shouted Jabber. "Yes! Now we can go to the Grand Line, right?"

DCM sighed. "No, Jabber," he said, "we still need a cook."

"I know where you can get one," volunteered Hikari. "There's a sea restaurant not far from here called Gourmet Blue. You can ask around there."

"Cool! Thanks!" Jabber said. He glanced at Zephyr. "I guess you don't wanna come with us, huh?" he asked. "All right." He and the rest of the crew climbed onboard the Tesoro.

"Wait!" Zephyr suddenly shouted. "I take back what I said earlier! I want to go with you! Let me join your crew!"

Jabber grinned. "Of course!" he said. "Get on!"

Zephyr smiled. "Let me just get my backpack first," he said.

"You mean this?" Jabber asked, holding a brown backpack.

"How did that..." Zephyr started. Then he realized who had put it there. He turned to the other cyborgs. "You knew I was going to go out to sea with them all along, didn't you?"

Talos smiled and nodded. "Go," he said. "Become a great pirate."

"Hikari," Zephyr said, "you'd better be the greatest mayor in Port Washington's history. I expect nothing less."

Hikari smiled and nodded.

"I..." Zephyr began to cry. "I'll miss... every single one of you! Goodbye! I'll never, ever forget you!"

And so, the Maraptor Tesoro set sail for Gourmet Blue, ready for the many adventures that lay ahead.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the East Blue, a former enemy lay in a small dinghy, cursing the three pirates that had defeated him...


Next Time: New adventures await as season two begins!

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