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Gary Ketchum's adventures in deadlines!

News about my fic.

  1. At Long, Long Last...

    ...I have finished my second fanfic, The Ash Ketchum Chronicles. It took almost two years, but today I posted the final chapter, Chapter 23. Check it out and comment; this chapter means quite a bit to me.
  2. My fanfics

    To be linked to in my sig. A catelog of my various fanfics her.

    * Pokemon GK: the adventures of Ash Ketchum's son, Gary!

    **Volume One: Join Gary as he journeys through the Kanto region, meeting new friends and battling foes of varying degrees of familiarity along the way!

    **Volume Two: Gary, along with his friends Leaf and Silv, travel through the Sevii Islands, discovering clues to a lost, hidden treasure!

    *The Ash Ketchum Chronicles: ...
  3. Current priority list for fic updates (Bulbagarden! Chapter Two is up now)

    Well, Bulbagarden! chapter 2 is up now, so I should update my priority list for chapter updates.

    Here it is:

    1.Wally's Tale Chapter 2

    2.Stories of Biru Chapter 2

    3.Chronicles of the Jabberwock Pirates Chapter 19

    4.Pokemon GK volume 2 Chapter 12

    5. Ash Ketchum Chronicles, Chapter 22

    6. It's The Quenchiest Chapter 4

    7.Bulbagarden! Chapter 3
  4. Bulbagarden! and Stories of Biru are live/Moar fanfic news

    Bulbagarden! and Stories of Biru are up. Check them out!


    1. Wally's Tale Chapter 2

    2. It's the Quenchiest Chapter 3

    3. Bulbagarden! Chapter 2

    4. Chronicles of the Jabberwock Pirates chapter 19

    5. Stories of Biru chapter 2

    6. The Ash Ketchum Chronicles Chapter 22

    7. Pokemon GK Volume 2 Chapter 12
  5. Last names, Part Deux

    Hear me, peasants!

    Blaine's last name in GK is....


    Next on the plate: Samurai.

    Despite the title, I'd like you guys to think up Samurai's FULL name. I shall choose the one that is the most coolawesome and fully credit the similarly coolawesome user who thought it up when it is used in the fic.

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