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Through The Looking-Glass

Bioshock Infinite

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Just finished it. Great game, beautifully-designed, well-crafted, and with a great story to boot. Not perfect by any stretch (the last mission was annoying and absurdly difficult, the ending was weak, and it delved into some pretty wishy-washy "both sides are in the wrong" bull towards the end), but a fantastic game nonetheless.

Having Will The Circle Be Unbroken included is a pretty big bonus as well.

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  1. Resk's Avatar
    its been a while since i finished bioshock infinite, but when i talk about it i always make the same 2 points, 1.- the combat is just average: there is not much to it, in my opinion bioshock 2 had the best combat, i was having so much fun with it, and when it comes to story i think bioshock 1 takes the cake
    2.- the ending.- alot of people seem to like the ending, but i one of the few that hated it, it felt anti-climactic
    other than that the game is really good, i cant call it game of the year, but it was really good
  2. BlackOsprey's Avatar
    The ending kind of made me go "Wha... wait... WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!" but it probably didn't help that I'd never played Bioshock before. As my first experience with a first-person shooter, I have to say it was a very fun game. It had me laughing maniacally a few times, waltzing through bad guys and blasting them to pieces with a shotgun.


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