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  1. Gotta love hordes

    I think hordes are the best thing that has happened to EV training, aside from Super Training's visual chart of the stats. Coupled with Pokerus and a stat-growth item, a single fight can turn up more than 10 points at once, whereas most single battles, at best, could only give you 3 at a time. Hoenn's even better about these than Kalos; I managed to find areas where the desired horde would appear 100% of the time.

    Horde training blows the alternatives right out of the water. Also, ...
  2. A Month of Outlaw Star: Tune for Tuesday for Week of 1/6/2015

    For the past year or so of with Tune for Tuesday, I made a little challenge for myself: to avoid doing two or more songs by the same artist/group, or that were used as part of the same movie, show, or game. But I'm making an exception for this month, for it is the fourteenth anniversary of when I first saw what would become my favorite show of all time, back when I was seven years old, and the seventeenth anniversary of when it first debuted on ...
    Tune for Tuesday
  3. Whew, crisis averted (sorta)

    Well, that could've gone a whole lot worse.

    My parents went to my mom's heart doctor today (130 miles away, mind you). I didn't go along for various reasons (mainly I have an injured knee and my dog needs periodic heart/liver meds), so I loaned them my phone just in case something happened. The weather was terrible, so I figured it'd be a good idea to do so. Turns out that, on their way home, mom LOST HER PURSE!!! Just great. They left it at a McDonalds on the NY thruway, doing the ...
  4. 10 Franchises I Used To Like That I Don't Like Anymore

    I've been in love with franchises all my life. However, these things come and go. Here are some games, movies, and TV shows that I used to like that I don't like anymore. (I only included stuff I liked when I was seven or older. Obviously, I'm not going to list little kid shows. And because I'm a merchandise nut, I'll list the status of merchandise related to it.

    1. The Fairy OddParents. I liked this show when it first came out. After a while, I got bored with it, and it's basically ...

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  5. I Have Returned!

    Firstly, I'd like to say hello to everyone.

    I kind of took a break from the forums due to returning to public school, an obstacle I had to tackle with all of my force. At first, it was the most daunting task of my life, and it scared the crap out of me returning. Honestly though, what happened was that I was too busy to be nervous and afraid in the first place, and as it turns out, I actually have a sense of humour. I actually made friends in the first two days. Weird how that turns ...
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