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A note on my fic (or lack thereof)

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Okay, my fic? Well... I just plain got bored of it tbh. There were numerous issues and difficulties that cropped up as I began to write the rest of it.
The main difficulty was the fact that I had no character for Amadeus, he was just sort of there.
I also had issues with the characters with the main story arc going out of whack because I randomly put in Artemis (who I do not regret and am a little bit in love with).
Because of this and many more, I abandoned the fic and after a go at redoing it, I realised I was just not in the mood at the time.

Bipolar Disorder kills, man. I'll sit about and try to sleep forever for 3 weeks and then BAM I'm working non-stop. See, the problem was the Depression hit in just as I began the fic again so I abandoned it.

Now, I'm just back from France and I have a new storyline built around my characters and there shall be a good couple of changes.
The most obvious one being that I completely removed Amadeus and the 'Mentorship' from it. Mainly because the fic was too full of characters to let him stay and I couldn't get rid of any of the others (although I did ponder getting rid of Amelia). Also, I have a proper plan and I know exactly what is going down.

So, yeah, excuse the rambling. I just popped in to say that I will be beginning a new fic and shall be sticking to it this time (hopefully).
I'd also like, when I post it, to get some fucking responses because that helped me to give up: the lack of responses. I'd really appreciate someone coming along to tell me what I did right, what I did wrong and how I can improve.
Now, for something completely different:
Guess who's back. Back again. This fag is back. Tell a friend.

(because I was absent)

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