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  1. I Haz Returned

    Hey guys . . . sorry for not being around alot. . . Work got in the way, so did study, bf, games, pc problems. . .ugh . . . its gay -.-

    ANYWAY. . . I wrote this . . . its not about pokemon, just some random shizz i did lol. I thought maybe you would like to have a look :) if not, blargh. . .



    Her hip throbbed from where she was thrown to the floor. His strength suprised her. He loomed over her with his hand raised, ...
  2. The Sims 3


    Only 4 more days to go till I get my Sims 3 Collectors Edition. I have been waiting for this game since November last year. I am SOOOOOOO excited. I'm even thinking of ditching tafe on that day, but I wont . . . dad will have my guts for garters lol.

    The Sims 3 will have an open seamless neighborhood . . . so no more 10min loading screens lol and everyone ages with you :D. The customization will be soo extensive you can customize the pattern on the taps ...
  3. Gastro . . . Intestinal . . . ew

    Well, today i learnt enough about Diarrhoea, constipation, worms and Haemorrhoids to last me a lifetime. (And yes, those were spelt correctly ;))

    First off. . . YOU CANNOT GET WORMS FROM YOUR PETS. . . well, ring worm you can, but the main worms that people get are Thread worm, Hook worm and Round worm. Thread worm is more popular in children, and the most common in all humans. Ring worm, is a FUNGAL not a "worm" as such. It is on the skin. Tinnea (not spelt right >.>, ...
  4. Homework -.-

    Soo, im studying to work in a pharmacy right. . . well, im starting to think, selling drugs illegally would probably be easier. I mean, my homework is outrageously difficult, and its piling up too. The teachers go a mile a minute and you cant get everything down in time. . . even with a laptop. We cant record the classes, we cant get the presentations off them for some unknown reason, its just irritating. Now, you may think being a pharmacy assistant is an easy job. . . well, its not. There is sooooo ...
  5. Pokemon Fan Fic

    Well ladies and gents, I have decided to let you read just a little bit from my fanfic. Its a major work in progress, and any CONSTRUCTIVE critisim is welcome. No one likes to be flamed, so keep the comments nice please :)

    Background information. Maelgwyn and Kalman are brothers. Im Maelgwyn's girlfriend. The starter pokemon in Kanto have been given out already, so Oak is letting us choose our own pokemon from his property.

    We followed the Professor down ...
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