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  1. Take me to see Muse!

    Why? They're my favourite band.

    So like, no booze. -_- everyone went home. Oh well. I woke up without a hangover, so I'm all good!
    What do I do all day? Diamond and Yellow. o-o;
    and Muse. I can't stop listening to Stockholm Syndrome, or playing all their songs on GH3 and Rock Band (Knights of Cydonia, Stockholm Syndrome (YES!), Supermassive Black Hole, Exo-Politics and Hysteria) just to hear the songs, even though I have them all on CD, mp3 player, PC and on the Xbox ...
  2. Today will be awesome.

    So, today, my English teacher and I are friends again, and that CAS stuff is sorted. Happy times.
    All I've got left is to have interviews at school, and get absolutely twatted today. Il Ponte then park. Italian then booze.
    Happier times!
  3. -Help-

    Kso, my English teacher and I are on good terms, but now, CAS.
    CAS = Creativity Action Service. 50 hours of each.
    Creativity is being artistic.
    Action is sport or building.
    Service is helping people.
    All must give you a benefit that involves no money. You must gain something.
    I have 30/40 hours in total. I'm screwed.
    And I have to have my forms in. That's all good, except if I forget it, I'll be kicked out of Sixth Form. Someone help!

  4. ._.

    ill. And I have to do a fucking essay plan.
    "Memory is inextricably linked to Identity. Discuss."
    And use the two books to do it.

    icannotthink. -cry
  5. Advice to everyone.

    • Bring your copy of 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' to your lesson.
    • Have your partner bring your timeline of the book.
    • Complete your homework that was meant to be in last lesson, the last lesson that you wasn't in 'cause of back pain.

    or else you'll be kicked out of the lesson.

    Then again, I got the lesson off, so in a sense, that was good!
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