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  1. Hi, Danny. o_o

    Aha, not been on the forums for AGES. Life's been busy ._. and so I've had like no free time.
    But I've freed myself up a bit, so I might come back on a bit.

    <_< Can't be on long, -in sixth form-
  2. The pros and cons of being ill.

    Being ill! We all love it 'cause we don't have to go to school or work. We all hate it 'cause it's uncomfortable and it hurts. But I'm not bothered, much. I just wish I didn't keep coughing up mucus... ew.

    Anywho, ill. I am it and I'm not really enjoying it. I felt terrible when I woke up, and I feel stiff. Even my poor fingers won't move fluidly. I miss my nimble movements. ;-;
    But Calorie (Dragonite) is now Lv 100! It's stats are poor though, I think. Looks like I'll have ...

    Updated 1st April 2009 at 06:06 AM by Dannypan

  3. zomg I'm in school.

    I'm Bulbagardening on the Sixth Form's computers. I'm gonna get shot!
    No, not really.
    I just feel awesome. ;D All these smart, sophisticates surrounding me. And I'm here, on a Pokemon forum. It's awesome!

    But, on the downside...
    I'm gonna die in History. >:

    o btw, say hai to ollie. he teh 1337.
  4. I have proof the DS Lite owns the PSP.

    And it's not just Pokemon.
    I turn on my DS Lite today and am horrified. The line grew! I cry.

    I turn it on later, and now there's a single rouge pixel, just randomly placed near the top right of the screen. My DS sorted itself out!

    If a PSP screen broke, it'd die. Dead. But no! The DS Lite was installed with a Revive, so it's all good.

    But, on the bad side,
    my Sixth Form is going to be the death of me. If I don't get this stuff in on Thursday, ...
  5. The DS Lite may die.

    Mine might, at least.
    I bought mine from a friend for £20. The hinge is broken, but it's all connected. It just doesn't stay up. And the calibration is always slightly off, but that's okay.
    and now there's a pixel line on the top screen. It gives my foe's Pokemon mustaches. It's gotten smaller since it fell, but I fear problems may occur. D:

    But, on the plus side!
    I'm gonna add an Aerodactyl to my team. Woo!
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