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  1. Gawd My Generation is Dumb!

    Not to repeat too much of my MTV rant, but wow teens these days are focking dumb, and it doesn't bode well for our future if 'we are the future.'

    I know it's a small sample size, but I look at my high school as a typical 'suburban high school.' we have our cliques and stuff, and we are pretty diverse socioeconomically.

    And we are stupid! Everyone thinks worth is determined by clothes, hair, makeup, etc. And if you try to ignore those things and just live your life ...
  2. My MTV Generation

    As a teenage girl, I often find myself watching MTV. But, I mean, when you really think about its programming, you gotta wonder if its damaging to our society.

    So many young people subconsciously live their lives based on the social norms that MTV establishes...you know, saying that skinny, Caucasian girls who show a lot of skin and are willing to have sex with any hot guy are the 'most beautiful' and 'most desirable' girls.

    Also, MTV features many dating shows ...
  3. Don't you love good weekends?

    It's nights like these that make me cherish my childhood.

    It's nights like these that make me smile and thank God for my friends.

    It's nights like these that make me afraid of the future, afraid of growing up.

    But I take comfort in the fact that any growing up I do, or anything scary I encounter...I will do with my friends by my side!
  4. True Love

    I wish love was as easy for us as it is in fairy tales.
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