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Favorite Pokemon Anime Openings: The Good, the Bad and the Sh!tty

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by , 11th June 2009 at 04:03 PM (555 Views)
I recently watched the youtube submission of all 13 Pokemon dub themes and I'm trying to decide which is my favorite.

So here's my analysis...for actual video reference just look on youtube for Pokemon themes.

First, the good:

The first ever theme will probably forever be my favorite for nostalgic reasons.

The song is iconic and the scenes it uses are great...particularly the beginning with Mewtwo/Mew flying and Ash opening his eyes and looking determined.

It has plenty of shots where Pokemon are showcased and I love the part where Pikachu runs past Ash and through the Lass' legs.

Second good one is the 'Whole New World' Johto Journeys theme. Great song, great animation and really gets me pumped about the series.

Also, they do a great job all the way up until the DP themes of hinting at the legendaries that will be seen in the movies...wonder why they stopped.

Finally, the other two themes that I love are "I wanna be a Hero: Pokemon Advance" and "I'm Unbeatable"...these two are probably the two best songs of the entire saga. Wow I get pumped when I hear those. And the way the songs fit with the visual part of the themes is awesome.


Now for some of the bad ones.

Right away I'm throwing out that theme from the Chronicles...("gotta-catch'em, gotta-catch'em, gotta-catch'em ALL...POKEMON!! P-O-K-E-MON...PARTY!!!") Yea, I don't like that one...the song sucks and the animations aren't great either.

I also didn't like the Battle Frontier theme..it was okay, but the song wasn't my favorite.

And finally the ugly:

The latest theme (Galactic Battle) is so frustrating to me. I LOVE the song so much especially the beginning...but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, why couldn't they even bother to draw up something instead of just using scenes from the show that don't fit. If they even had an average animation in that theme it might be my favorite, but they didn't, so it's not. (and then there's that infernal thing at the end with Pikachu, Grotle, Buizel, and Gliscor crying!)

Anyways, what do you guys think? Which themes are your favorite, which ones suck, and how would you improve upon them?

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  1. Pikapurple's Avatar
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    The first one will always be my favorite(I stopped watching the anime after season 3)

    Having said that, Advance Battle actually has a cathcy tune. I was surprised.

    My least favorite is from season six. It's so repetitive in the annoying way, and what is the announcer doing in the theme song?

    There's also something about Battle Frontier I can't stand
  2. Legacy's Avatar
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    I really like the new theme's song, but yea the scenes they use are terrible. Every other theme had special animations drawn up for the theme, why couldn't the last one? It's almost like they put it together in like five minutes.

    And yes, the first theme is classic and will always be the best. And then the Movie 1 adaptation of Pokemon Theme is SO AWESOME!
  3. Yoshi-san's Avatar
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    I actually prefer the Japanese openings over the English but I love all of the 4Kids openings.
  4. chukipri's Avatar
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    I'm only a fan of first two gens. My favourite will always be the first one. But even though I've watched no eps from it, I love "I wanna be a hero", the bit with "Hero" in the electronic voice is awesome. Shame there is no full version of that one.
  5. Flaze's Avatar
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    My favorite would be Umbeatable, that one rocked, then there;s Pokemon Advance oh and the Master Quest song. For some reason I never liked the first one although I didn like the one for the Orange League, oh and the one from Battle Dimension. If there's one I don't like then that's the first DP song a little simple and the new one, it's got a good song but they should've. kept some things from High Touch


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