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where the laws of the universe mean nothing.

  1. weather on the other side 2 - this is not good

    [disclaimer: not official forecast]


    This is TD22, located in the West Pacific. Looks like it's headed where two other storms have gone before.

    Considering that Ketsana and Parma were bad enough and now another one. Wunderground.com's forecast takes this as a cat 4 and in the direction of the Philippines.

    10-16: It's now Typhoon Lupit and getting closer to them. What a difference a day makes.

    http://metocph.nmci.navy.mil/jtwc/warnings/wp2209.gif ...
  2. weather on the other side; solo run

    Anyone in this cone of uncertainty around here? Please take note of this typhoon that could head in your direction.


    Just finished a solo run on Blue with a level 80 Blastoise. Either I'll finish off the starters or do a Sandslash one. Suggestions for next one are welcome.

    Yellow solo run featuring Nidoking - beat Lt. Surge, about to go to Rock tunnel.
  3. itt american football

    After a year, the Detroit Lions finally won a game. Good for them.

    I'll be honest - I wanted them to go 0-32. Why? Because it was unheard of and I thought that they would do it.

    So I'm eating a giant plate of crow.

    Now the Redskins should go 0-16. Tampa too. Rams? Them also. And so should Cleveland.
  4. Entry 3 - where computers are fun.

    I wonder if any of you have this.

    You see a topic that you like and hit the reply button. While hitting the button, you immediately stop caring and proceed to do something else. It's like you shut down.

    School. Yay. The hordes of people texting during class, not so yay. Had to drop one of my classes because I wanted to experience working and going to school. Yes, I am looking for a job. I might be kicking myself in the head in a few weeks[not actually, this is an expression]. ...
  5. No, you're not seeing things.

    Summer is almost over and school season is drawing near. Horror for kids, joy for parents. The fact that I'm heading into my senior [!] year of university in the fall hasn't hit me yet. People are bugging me about graduating on time. I don't want to get the "7 year plan", but at the same time, I don't wish to rush it.

    Something that's weirding me out - In some topics, I'm finished typing what I want to post. Then, for some weird reason, I end up deleting the post that I ...
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