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And at last Corocoro brings in more in info. And at last, GameFreak drops its bomb.


I can't remember when I was this excited about Pokemon. I got into the games when I was just 3, with a GB and Red & Blue. And I can pretty much tell you how it feels when the next generation is released. How does it change all. And as it seems, Pokemon: Black and White are changing it all.
I will cover that better in points perhaps.
1) Red gave us Pokemon, all in all 150 beasts to catch and tame. Every following game pelted us with new Pokemon + Zebat & Geodude. Die GameFreak. But here is the catch. BaW (as I like to call them) give us only new monsters to face. Which means this is as magical as Red.
2) Gold gave us time. And that is something as our favorite Pokemon Lucario can be attained during the day only. BaW give us seasons. That makes it almost or if not at least near about as epic as that.
3) Ruby gave us double battles. Do I spy complex triple battles in BaW?
4) Diamond gave us what we can call a shoddy attempt at a story. And here we have a game with a real story? (Take a peek at the characters dude.)

Well this is all true folks. This is not Pokemon 5. This is Pokemon: SECOND COMING. After being declared dead by people who never understood its fins aspects, here we have: Pokemon: Black & White.

Note: As we know, DS is a dying console, with the coming of 3DS. But can it repeat what Red and Green did with the GB? Can it really lift our ass and make us catch 'em all? Well I think yes. And I hope yes, as well.

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