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  1. Commander Lightfish talking...

    [Incoming call from Cybran Outpost 5-Seton's clutch]

    Our defensive line is down.We have taken heavy casualties and may be defeated.

    Filing battle report...Now.

    Not too long ago they started attacking our defence line.It was a wall of Tech 1 guns,bieng maintained by some tech 1 engineers. It may not seem much,but there was a lot of them.

    So,the Aeon sent a GC to take the down the defense.It took out about...a third of the wall before bieng ...
  2. Half-Lifes,Geography and pizza.

    Heh heh.I got the Orange Box the other day(for those who don't know what it is,look it up).I've become addicted to Team fortress 2,adeptish at Portal abd not much at Half-Life.And then,yesterday,my friend bought me Half-Life Opposing Forces so that we could both go online on it and he could pwnage me.

    I have Geography for TODAY.I need to sort out my folder basically.Which means I have to make the cover,the contents page,the chapter intros.Then I need to Hole punch most of the above.Then ...
  3. I'm way too behind...

    Yesterday I was at my friends house playing on Halo 3.
    But the thing is,it's one of those things that makes me realise how behind I am...
    My newest gen console is a Wii,which we rarely use.Besides that,The newest is a DS.
    They've stopped selling new games for the Xbox.
    Only a matter of time before it happens to the PS2.
    My DS will probably be redundant soon(DSi)
    And most of my favourite games continued onto new gen consoles!!! ...
  4. Pokemon Onyx?

    Hello again.I'm working on a hack of a Ruby ROM,and it's current title is Pokemon Onyx,any ideas for a better name?
    I'll try and keep updated on it.
    Current News-
    Recolouring sprites,etc.Recoloured a girl into a nature spirit and the item cases into "Nature Balls",a special type of ball which holds items,no other purpose.
    If you have any ideas please tell me.
  5. IntroDUCKtion

    Hello.I am Lightfish.You may have heard of my friend and counterpart Darkfish.In the strange world in which we exist,all biengs have a light and dark conciousness.We were a Fish.Although,of course,he'll never admit it.
    Anyway,I heard of the forum when Dark told me about a very good story,Light in the Darkness(bit Ironic,isn't it?).Now I am an official member,and hope this will all go smoothly.