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Heroic Sociopath

Fight Club

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So, I watched Fight Club a few months back, and I decided it's the best movie. Like, ever. It has fighting, not so much it's mindless, but just enough to be cool. It has a hell of a lot more social commentary, which I found extremely clever and thought provoking. And, the funny bits were downright hilarious. In honor of it, I made a list of people I want to fight. Most of them I do actually like, I just did it based on who I'd get the most satisfaction from battling.

1. My High School Principal: He's manly, and totally ripped.

2. Bill Nye: His magic powers would make it a challenging battle

3. Billy Mayes: He has an awesome beard.
'Nuff said.
4. Shigeru Miyamoto: I'm hoping if I beat him up, I can get his job.

5. Reggie Fills-Amie: The head of Nintendo of America, and a pretty strong looking guy.

6. Lady Gaga: I'm not really a fan, but she probably has mad katana skills.

7. Theodore Roosevelt: He's a real man's man.

8. My Visual Basic Teacher: I'm pretty sure he's a ninja.
One of his eyes is red, I'd love to see if he could shoot lasers from it.
9. A Ghost: If they existed, I'd have beat one up by now, but they don't, so I've never had the chance.

10. A Dragon: See above.

11. Barney: The foam suit would act as armor, which would make it all the more fun to fight him.

12. Big Bird: He has an awesome voice, and he's pretty big. Plus, I think it would be awesome to see his fighting moves.

13. The Chinese Cat God: The thirteenth animal of the zodiac. I think that if I beat him, I could talk to cats, and I love my cats more than anything.

14. Osama Bin Laden: He wouldn't be much of a fighter, but it'd definitely be satisfying.
He was number one, but now that he's dead, I don't have to kill him.
15. Kim Jon Il: Ditto.

16.President Barack Obama: Have you seen him without a shirt? He's totally ripped.

17. John Cena: He's apparently a wrestler. I found him on google, I bet he would give me his belt if I could beat him.

18. Dracula: It'd be totally awesome! He has claws and stuff, and he's undead.

19. Goichi Suda: Creator of No More Heroes, Killer7, and masked wrestling fan.
He probably has some sweet moves.
20. Jason Voorhees: The guy from Friday the 13th. Never seen the movies, but he still looks pretty rough.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    And after killing someone in the tutorials, you would be ranked 21st.
  2. Heroic Sociopath's Avatar
    21? That'd have to be Darth Vader.
  3. Majin Mew's Avatar
    Billy Mayes-He had an awesome beard...emphasis on had.


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