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I didn't want to do it, but alas, some things are necessary.

Blog Blacklist:

  1. Yes, Drama.

    Ciaran is Max? Amazing. But anyone know why Max was banned in the first place? He seemed like a good enough guy.

    I have heard different theories, but which one is right?
  2. Most disturbing fanfic ever? WARNING: Bad for your brain

    The gardérape fanfiction was disturbing, right? Well that only made me go "sick". This one, well, has left me speechless and had me walking around for miles in the night trying to clear the images out.

    So I couldn't sleep last night, and opted to look around fanfiction.net. Found an interesting story.

    It was descriptive. Very descriptive.

    It was gory. Very gory.

    Suddenly, Lucky Star doesn't seem very innocent anymore. ...

    Updated 9th September 2009 at 08:42 PM by Ho-oh

  3. Windows Vista: D'oh!

    Yes yes, I know. We have enough blogs complaining about stuff, but this is making me mad.

    Windows Vista < XP. 'Nuff said.

    In all seriousness, Windows XP is by far the best. If not that then 98. As for 7... why did Microsoft go back 20 years and start naming their OS plain version numbers?

    Next time: One of the most disturbing fanfics ever made. I read it, and never saw things the same way.

    Over and out. ...
  4. Wow

    Japan (an island nation smaller than California) apparently has over a third of the United States' population.

    That is all.

    Updated 9th September 2009 at 12:09 AM by Ho-oh

  5. RANT: Don't you think it's annoying...

    ...when you say something and *just* because people don't like it, they start making accusatory remarks?

    I mean, suppose you say "Some feminists seem to want more rights for women than men". What do you get from some people?

    "That's so sexist. Go away." Or "Women have been mistreated for thousands of years, they deserve it [believe it or not, I noticed that people actually say it. Yes, adults. -_-]".

    Same goes for the holocaust. ...
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