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Shipping songs from VGM

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by , 19th December 2010 at 03:15 PM (271 Views)
Stemming off from my "hobby," I guess you could call it that, of envisioning shipping/friendship scenarios to imply with songs that I doubt will ever be uploaded as a video as I lack the equipment for it, I find that some VGM work very well with what I'm thinking. I'll list off some songs, some with lyrics, some without, and some being remixes, from video games that I think work well with the ship, and a description of the scenario I'm thinking of.

Hilariously, most of them are Sonic songs. Go figure. Not my fault they work so well.





There are more songs that apply to my personal library for the ships - I know I have a few songs for Rocketshipping and Comashipping, actually - but I just can't remember them at the time. But these 15 should be enough for now. Hate, appreciate, comment on these, provide your own examples, do whatever you want, lol. Music rocks.

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