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The Pokemon Cast Joins the Brawl!

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I love KittyCorp. lol. It has so many hacks of almost every character in media you can imagine, for every character in Brawl.

The Pokemon Anime cast is no exception. I did not make these, if it wasn't obvious before.

Ash Ketchum


May (apparently, a 20-year old May)

Misty (Oh, GOD, these texture hacks, lol)

Paul (who looks kinda cool in a hat)

All I need is a Brock, a Tracey, a Jessie, James, and Meowth, and maaaaybe a Drew and Gary, and I'll be good!

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  1. Dr. GM's Avatar
    Holy hell that Misty!!!

    ...more pushin' for the cushion? XD
  2. RJoshua's Avatar
    Those were the only Misty textures I could find XD. I was surprised there wasn't a skin of her for Zelda, Zero Suit Samus, Peach, or Sheik.

    But hey, she's wearing Ash's hat. That's good for me. :p
  3. CommanderPigg's Avatar
    What am I seeing? O_O

    Paul's shiny hair should never be hidden under a hat!
  4. RJoshua's Avatar
    Texture hacks! Name a character from any anime or video game, and chances are I'll find it on Kittycorp. :D

    B-B-But he looks cool with a hat on! D:

    It was the only Paul hack I could find too; there's nothing else of him, let alone of him without a hat. I could probably ask for a hack of him without the hat though, but if I do, I'm asking for Paul as a Model Texture over Falco XD
  5. Dr. GM's Avatar
    My avi is my reaction to most of them.

    Ash's, though, was great.
  6. Electivirus's Avatar

    Dawn kinda creeps me out, though. Her eyes look... soulless. ._.
  7. RJoshua's Avatar
    Her eyes look soulless?

    Well, they imitated Dawn correctly then.

  8. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Only videogame characters would ever be eligible.
  9. RJoshua's Avatar

  10. CommanderPigg's Avatar
    Dento. Then I will be happy~


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