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My Christmas Day

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My Christmas Day started like any of the others I've had: I couldn't get to sleep until 3 in the morning, woke up at 6 to open the gifts, I mess with them for an hour, then I go back to bed and stay there until noon. Nothing new.

I received mostly everything I desired, but the items I didn't get were at the lowest rung of priority for me. I got a TomTom, the hand vacuum I needed so much, a printer, Season 12 of South Park, gift cards and the like. Nothing extraordinarily big, but I wanted a small Christmas this year. Having my dad back from Turkey was good enough for me.

The day was smooth sailing from there. My brother got Sonic 4 on his PS3, and I found out I hold the world record on Lost Labyrinth Act 2 on both the Wii and PS3 now XD. The graphics look soooooooo good on the PS3! I had a good dinner later that day, I watched my South Park DVDs, it was all good.

Then the Cowboys game came. I almost chucked my remote at my TV out of fury from a combination of the hilariously bad extra point attempt and the bullshit call from the ref with 10 seconds left on the clock (Penalty calls for a 10 second run down LOL NOPE we'll be dumb and just put them back 5 yards, no real difference! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD) Agh, I was incredibly mad from that.

From there it looked like my day would end on a sour note. But instead, I figured out how to loop music on my Audacity program just now, which is fantastic for me. Now I can loop all the VGM I have to my liking. And I consider this a first step to learning how to remix the songs I love, which is something I've been wanting to do for two years now.

Soooo, high note, higher note, terribly low note, to another high note. Just a great day for me XD

Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. Electivirus's Avatar
    Glad to hear you had a great one. :3

    And a belated Happy Holidays to you too, pal!


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