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  1. Relationships suck.

    Monday, I broke up with my girlfriend of two months. She told me that she just couldn't handle having a relationship atm when she was "so behind on work for finals." I was a college freshman too and so I could see where she was coming from, so I decided to call it off for her sake. I had hoped that as soon as it was all said and done, we could possibly get it back up next semester.

    Then today, I noticed on her FB that she was going to her friend's house to watch a marathon ...
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  2. Pokemon Badges: Johto Edition

    Hello all.

    A few months ago I acquired a set of Kanto badges from a solitary manufacturer. Pictures are in one of my other blogs if you are interested in what they look at.

    Recently, this same person has started to make Johto Gym Badges, so if you want to get a hold of some of these, please post here so I can keep record:


    He'll stop taking orders on the 30th, so if you ...
  3. The Super Smash Bros. Melee Community is Awesome.

    A few days ago, a national level Super Smash Bros. tournament called Pound V took place in Virginia. There were too major sections: the Brawl tournament, and the Melee tournament.

    During the Grand Finals set in the Melee tournament, amongst all the hype, someone started singing the USA Pokemon Theme song (I Wanna Be the Very Best). A few seconds later, the entire venue started singing it in full chorus.

    Said it in the title, I'll say it again: Super Smash Bros. Melee ...
  4. Glyph's Badge Shop - Bulbagarden Branch!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic Boom View Post
    : "Well at least THESE FAKE badges are authentic!"

    Hi guys, I'm Sonic Boom. Fine looking badges, aren't they?

    I previously made a blog showcasing these Kanto badges I had acquired. Some members (less than what I hoped for though >_>) asked where I got these and where they can get them. Well, I have received permission from the
  5. Crazy Cold Weather

    This week is just crazy.

    Mid-afternoon it dropped about 10 degrees in no less than an hour. It is now semi-snow, semi-icing outside.

    Tomorrow, school is closed and it's going to hit 20 as a high, and 8 as a low. The snow will supposedly stick, so I can go mess around tomorrow.

    Wednesday, we hit the negative temperature or damn near close to it. High chance school will be closed for that day too.

    Thursday it will start to warm up, but it'll ...
    Day-to-day events
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