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Final grades.

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My final grades finally showed up yesterday; I was on wit's end while waiting for my Japanese grade to show up when it finally did on the last minute. All in all, I'm really happy with all that I got.\:

Individual Fitness: Pass

I figured I'd pass this one, lol. Just had to make sure I wasn't absent for 6 days. I decided to be stupid and miss 5 :D

Understanding of Music: 89.6 ~ A

I was really surprised with the A, since my tests were all in the high C - mid B range. I guess my perfect-score concert reports (good thing my teacher was also an English teacher and I always go over the top with grammar in making my essays lol) and my attendance barely scraped the A lol.

History of Medicine: 86 = B

Damn, how I wanted this A! But its a B so I'll go with it. I was a nervous wreck when I stepped in for the final, but a few questions in I noticed that it wasn't too bad. A rather incomplete essay and two half-assed questions resulted in a 77 grade for the final, but all I needed was a 20 to pass. Maybe if I answered those two questions right I would've had my A! DX

Beginning Japanese: B

I was honestly expecting a C. Lackluster test and quiz results, I thought, would be more than enough to take over whatever grade I got on my final, but I felt comfortable with this final, and I guess I had a stellar attendance to keep the grade in the B range.

Overall, I'm happy with this semester.

But next semester is going to be hell. Organic Chemistry, Physics, Japanese II, and African American studies. Holy shit.

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