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Crazy Cold Weather

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by , 31st January 2011 at 11:11 PM (371 Views)
This week is just crazy.

Mid-afternoon it dropped about 10 degrees in no less than an hour. It is now semi-snow, semi-icing outside.

Tomorrow, school is closed and it's going to hit 20 as a high, and 8 as a low. The snow will supposedly stick, so I can go mess around tomorrow.

Wednesday, we hit the negative temperature or damn near close to it. High chance school will be closed for that day too.

Thursday it will start to warm up, but it'll still be in freezing temperature. Possible school closure then too. Friday it will go back to normal.

So a possible 3 day break due to the ice storm. I can only hope the electricity doesn't shut off.

But I guess this gives me plenty of time to make that Badge Thread I said I was going to make in my previous blog!

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    weak americans getting worked up over a little cold and snow


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