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The Video Game Compendium

Hey, I like video games. I like to talk about them. So I have a blog for it!

  1. SEGA Pico Pokemon game remix? Thank you, Willrock

    So Willrock has gained a reputation on Youtube for his video game remixes, and for his techno/rock style he implements. He focuses on Sonic and Zelda remixes mostly, but Pokemon isn't often seen in his menagerie.

    So imagine my shock when I wander into OCRemix and find this remix he made for a Pokemon game found on the SEGA Pico, of all systems:

    The theme itself is a remix of the Advance Adventure theme heard ...
  2. The Super Smash Bros. Melee Community is Awesome.

    A few days ago, a national level Super Smash Bros. tournament called Pound V took place in Virginia. There were too major sections: the Brawl tournament, and the Melee tournament.

    During the Grand Finals set in the Melee tournament, amongst all the hype, someone started singing the USA Pokemon Theme song (I Wanna Be the Very Best). A few seconds later, the entire venue started singing it in full chorus.

    Said it in the title, I'll say it again: Super Smash Bros. Melee ...
  3. The greatest game ever

    Since I have played this game almost fully, and have beaten the "story" mode, I can say this with no problem.

    Thank you, Retro Studios. Thank you very much.

  4. The Pokemon Cast Joins the Brawl!

    I love KittyCorp. lol. It has so many hacks of almost every character in media you can imagine, for every character in Brawl.

    The Pokemon Anime cast is no exception. I did not make these, if it wasn't obvious before.

    Ash Ketchum

  5. Shipping songs from VGM

    Stemming off from my "hobby," I guess you could call it that, of envisioning shipping/friendship scenarios to imply with songs that I doubt will ever be uploaded as a video as I lack the equipment for it, I find that some VGM work very well with what I'm thinking. I'll list off some songs, some with lyrics, some without, and some being remixes, from video games that I think work well with the ship, and a description of the scenario I'm thinking of.

    Hilariously, most of them ...
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