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  1. Animated Villain of the Day: The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend (Venture Brothers)

    This villain tribute, unlike the previous ones, needs little to no introduction as quite a bit of you probably watch this show on Adult Swim from time to time: So with that said, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you The Monarch and his lovely wife: Dr. Girlfriend as today's villain tribute.

    When it comes to comedic and over the top villainy, the Monarch is a force to be reckoned with all on his own, but with Dr. Girlfriend at ...
  2. Tomodachi Life demo available to the (North American) masses

    I know some people showed interested in Tomodachi Life: Move-In Version about a month ago when I still had a demo code to offer, so I thought I'd make a quick post to let y'all know a Tomodachi Life demo is available in the North American eShop right now. It's pretty much the Move-In Version, but it's limited to 20 plays and the panda suit is not available as a special gift.

    That is all.
  3. Sailor Moon versus the hat of evil

    In my latest Sailor Moon review: demonic squirrels, possessed butterflies and an evil hat, though not in the usual fedora way. Also a very minor translation error turns out to be really annoying.
  4. Username change?

    So I've been thinking of changing my username, and I came up with three that I like:

    Meow Wow

    So which one sounds the best? I want your opinion!
  5. More TVTropes, more hype.

    More browsing on that amazing website. And I must say, thanks to it covering just about everything I like, it's done a good job hyping me for everything coming up. ORAS, KH 2.5, et cetera. Too bad I have to wait til fall for everything. PATIENCE DAMMIT.
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