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  1. SEGA Pico Pokemon game remix? Thank you, Willrock

    So Willrock has gained a reputation on Youtube for his video game remixes, and for his techno/rock style he implements. He focuses on Sonic and Zelda remixes mostly, but Pokemon isn't often seen in his menagerie.

    So imagine my shock when I wander into OCRemix and find this remix he made for a Pokemon game found on the SEGA Pico, of all systems:

    The theme itself is a remix of the Advance Adventure theme heard ...
  2. My Week in a Nutshell

    Sunday evening, with a paper due at 3 the next day

    Monday evening, studying for the next final at 8 in the morning. Decided to hold back on studying the essay material in full detail until early morning

    Tuesday morning, after waking up just 15 minutes before the ...
  3. The Pokemon Anime, from the perspective of another fandom

    As a member of a non-Pokemon forum, I made an off-handed, sarcastic comment in a status update that there should probably be a thread devoted to the Pokemon anime. I log back into the site 20 minutes later, and boom, a saw that a thread for the show was made at my suggestion, and had already gathered 15 replies.

    Judging by prior experience, I expected the thread to be filled with "ORIGINAL SERIES THE BEST, BRING BACK MISTY AND BROCK" type posts; the tags for the thread implied ...
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  4. Is there anything that ponies will not invade?


    I'm just at a loss for words at the desecration that's taken place. ;_;

    (*Obligatory "The show is decent, but the fanbase is pathologically nuts" statement here*)
  5. My prayers and condolences to Dan Green

    It has just been disclosed that Michal Friedman, a singer/actress and VA to character roles in Mobile Suit Gundam UC and Winx Club, and the wife of Dan Green - the former voice actor of Knuckles the Echidna, Yami Yugi, various Pokemon roles including the gym leaders Byron and Norman, and Professor Birch, and many other roles - passed away giving birth to twins. Such a tragic loss, especially after gaining two new members to their family.

    My prayers go out to Dan Green, his children, ...
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