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by , 16th March 2009 at 07:12 AM (322 Views)
Alright, I'm bored... So here comes another blog post from gold005.

As you can tell from the name and the pic, I am a fan of Gold (from the manga). After all, he plays pool with his Pokemon (which help him hustle people), he skateboards, and he's a notorious flirt. All of these things make him awesome.

Anyways, here's my thoughts on life right now.

For anyone that doesn't know, March Madness starts this week. This is the biggest annual sporting event of the year in the world (arguably. The super bowl is also quite big). 64 college basketball teams from all over the United States compete in a single elimination tournament for the championship over the next three weeks. Adding to the awesomeness of this year's tournament, Boston College (where I go to school) is back into the tournament after not making it last year.

Alright, in my last post, I ran through things that I like in the Pokemon world. So this time, I figured I'd run through things I like in the real world.



Boston Red Sox (baseball)
Tennessee Titans (American football)
Boston College Eagles (all sports)
Boston Celtics (basketball)
Manchester United (European football)
AC Milan (European football)

Sports in general:

Football (Both the American and the Euro versions)

Video Games:

Sonic the Hedgehog (I am a huge Sonic fan. Not to mention Shadow and Knuckles are cool too)

Sports games in general
Halo Series
Gears of War series
Super Smash Bros. series
Skateboarding games
RPG's and MMORPG's in general (well the good ones at least)

Music: My two favorite types of music are rock and rap / hip-hop. Right now I'm way too lazy to list my favorite artists...

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  1. Halberd Bravo's Avatar
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    You're a Sonic fan?

    Awesome. :D
  2. Mako's Avatar
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    yep. gotta love the super speed blue hedgehog and all his friends


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