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Random Movie Note

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So I'm looking for something to watch on television, and I came across "A Night at the Roxbury." If you want to watch a terrible movie that will have you laughing the entire time at the sheer stupidity, then this is the one. I love this movie, so I'm glad it's on.

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  1. Dan's Avatar
    I was watching that. Then I realized that Night at the museum is one channel away.
  2. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    That's also a good movie.
  3. Flaze's Avatar
    Wow, what is that movie a copy of night at the museum or something
  4. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    no. it's nothing like it. It's from 1998 and it's based on an old SNL skit. Watch it. Now. It's epic.
  5. System Error's Avatar


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