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Manny Ramirez Suspended for 50 Games...

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by , 8th May 2009 at 07:01 AM (251 Views)
To be honest, this suspension actually affects Red Sox fans on a much deeper level than Dodgers fans, even though Ramirez now plays for LA, not Boston. I've been thinking about this ever since the news broke yesterday afternoon, and I'm a bit broken up about it. The 2004 and 2007 Red Sox, which both won world championships, were some of my favorite teams to root for ever.

And then the Manny thing comes out, and I'm forced to ask myself, "Did Manny cheat in '04? '07?" The sad thing about this whole thing is that Manny didn't need to cheat. The guy was born to hit. He has the purest swing I have ever seen in my lifetime (as short as it's been, but I digress). The guy could straight out hit. Lefties, righties, submariners, it didn't matter. Manny could hit anyone at any time. So I don't understand why he would risk his legacy as one of the best right handed hitters to ever play the game.

Not only this, but now I'm having the dreaded thoughts of "Who else on those two teams cheated?" After all, there are some players who have had questionable career paths. Kevin Millar, Mark Bellhorn, Bill Mueller. These three guys came out of nowhere, and then disappeared as soon as steroid testing started in the MLB. And the biggest player of all, the one I hate to ask about, David Ortiz. He leaves Minnesota and then starts hitting for big time power. But then rapidly drops off, and now he can't do it anymore because of tendon injuries.

My hope is that it's just Manny being Manny, and he had no idea what he was taking. At worst, one of my childhood memories, the Red Sox first world title in 86 years, is tainted forever. Today is not a good day to be a Red Sox fan.

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  1. Legacy's Avatar
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    MLB baseball is officially a sham. HGH, and other performance enhancers are so prevalent in the world today...I have been offered HGH at my local gym several times, and I know a bunch of high school and college aged guys that take it because there's no test for there's no telling how many of these pro athletes with unlimited amounts of money are taking the stuff.

    It sucks.
  2. Mako's Avatar
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    It is so prevalent. Like when I blew out my shoulder junior year, one of my wresting teammates told me he could get me some of that shit so I could heal faster. I probably would have at least thought about it, but I knew my parents would kill me if I did.

    So I can see the temptation to take it, but it's a damn shame that it's like this.
  3. Legacy's Avatar
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    i honestly think at least 25-30% of all pro athletes have at least tried PEDs

    It sucks because I would guess at least a few of my favorite athletes are included in this.
  4. Mako's Avatar
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    exactly. and Manny was always one of my favorite Red Sox players. Sure, he was dumb, but he was lovable too. But not anymore... I'm taking the Manny poster off my bedroom wall as soon as I get home from college.
  5. pikachu200's Avatar
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    Time will pass and people will forget
  6. 1337R34P3R's Avatar
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    he deserves it. manny has been acting untouchable in recent years. that's why the sox let him go.


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