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Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict

Basically, whatever I'm thinking at the moment is blog worthy will go here. Read it, don't read it. Whatever, I don't really care. But comments will be received with a smile. Most of the time.

"HiPS - Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em." - Blazevoir

"HiPS don't lie." - Mizzleflan

"You lucky, lucky little male." Ino

"HiPS: Will do anything for Flannery, Samus Aran and Kamitsure fan art." Meguroko

"Just goes to show you how someone can make a little girl cry by doing nothing but honoring themselves instead..." Tear of Dark

"Wow HiPS, stay out of the Real World." Ryuu

"He's clearly a ninja since everyone knows only ninjas know how to hide in plain sight." Rex

"You don't drink half as much as I joke you do. Which sickens me." DCM

"Chips denied." Mom

"Kids these days." Kasumi

"Clearly you fail." evkl

"You told her you were immune? Heh, you deserve it." Kameil

"HOPSY <3" Aie

"HiPS is a sniper. He also likes caffeine... Yeah, messing with him's probably a bad idea." Jabber

"Its like if you mind melded a 5 year old and a 30 year old and gave them speed and access to a laptop" Alaskapigeon

"Pretty much ignore everything HiPS says, regardless of where he says it." Covet

  1. So I found something depressing out today...

    by , 13th May 2011 at 06:12 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    I don't have a stalker. So, one of you needs to become my stalker.

    The position pays well (an impressive $0 an hour) and it will be a good resume builder for a future career.
  2. 1 final down, 3 to go

    by , 12th May 2011 at 02:28 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    So I got my programming final out of the way. Aced that shit without studying.

    Too bad that was my only easy final.

    Philosophy is up next, followed by Geology and Economics.

    Yay for fun times ahead.
  3. Feel like shit

    by , 11th May 2011 at 12:19 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    Body aches, headache, sore throat, stuffy nose... and since it's finals week for me the next six days, there's no rest for the weary.

    Looks like I'm going to need to call on the powers of Mr. Red Bull once again.
  4. My reflections on bullying

    by , 10th May 2011 at 06:55 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    Okay, so you all know about the bulba outreach project by now. And personally, I think it's awesome.

    Now, I guess I should contribute to it, being that I'm a staff member and all.

    I have two stories that I could share with you all, both from my high school days.

    I was a small kid growing up (and I'm still only five foot nine now, so it's not like I'm this huge guy) and I got picked on as a result. Nothing major, just some verbal threats and occasionally ...
  5. HiPS' 10 things that lead to a good life

    by , 8th May 2011 at 10:43 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    Okay, the trick to living a good life is to relax. Here's a helpful guide:

    1. Scotch
    2. Vodka
    3. A cold beer
    4. Tequila
    5. Whiskey (yes, I'm aware that this could go with #1)
    6. A nice cigar
    7. Smoke some weed once in awhile
    8. Someone sleeping next to you so the cold, dark nights don't feel so lonely
    9. A couple good friends to get you through the bad times.
    10. A couple good friends to maximize the good times.
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